Issues at a Glance

Smart Development – Not Residential Overdevelopment

Remember the Miller Place? The residents of the Rumpke Road subdivision will never forget.

All three (at the time) trustees and both current incumbent trustees, in a callous disregard for the overwhelming and legitimate objections of the citizens of Union Township and the environmental threat to the Cincinnati Nature Center, attempted to illegally circumvent a federal court consent decree to quadruple the population of the Rumpke Road subdivision.

And to add insult to injury, those trustees spent nearly $30,000* of Union Township taxpayer money to fight the residents of Union Township and the Cincinnati Nature Center.

*According to Fiscal Officer Ron Campbell, the Miller Place litigation expense paid to the law director was $28,225.94.

Whose neighborhood will be the next target of both incumbent trustees? Will they spend your money to fight you too?

Only one candidate for Union Township Trustee stood with the Miller Place/Rumpke Road/Cincinnati Nature Center coalition against the incumbent trustees:

  • Which candidate lives in the Rumpke Road subdivision and literally stood with his neighbors? – John Becker
  • Which candidate provided a walking list and other political assistance to the Miller Place/Rumpke Road/Cincinnati Nature Center coalition? – John Becker
  • Which candidate’s wife circulated referendum petitions around union township? – John Becker
  • Which candidate has one of his Rumpke Road subdivision neighbors on his trustee replacement committee in case of death or resignation? – John Becker
  • Which candidate donated financially to both the Cincinnati Nature Center and the Rumpke Road legal defense fund on behalf of his neighbors? – John Becker
  • Who is the only candidate who was there for the people when it mattered most? – John Becker

Beautiful Neighborhoods

As a percentage of Union Township’s housing, single family homes are in decline.

Union Township can once again become a community known for beautiful neighborhoods rather than apartment complexes, dollar stores, storage cubes, and tattoo parlors.

Public Safety and Health

Prioritize spending to ensure and enhance all levels of public safety including police, fire, emergency medical service (EMS), road improvements, and sidewalks.

Quality of life in Union Township will improve with smart priorities balancing the needs of the residents without excessively burdening the taxpayers.

Property Taxes

Senior citizens on a fixed income are the most vulnerable to property tax increases. Higher taxes are a threat to their ability to stay in their homes.

Union Township needs a fiscal conservative who can control spending and minimize the upward pressure on taxes.


Union Township’s debt payments currently account for nearly 40 percent of all spending.*
Inflation coupled with future interest rate increases could require higher taxes to pay escalating interest expenses.

Union Township needs a conservative financial professional with an MBA who can keep Union Township fiscally stable.

*According to the full year 2020 Union Township Financial Report, “Debt Service” expense (Fund 15) is $24,244,299.60** and total expenses for all funds is $63,692,363.28 ($24,244,299.60 / $63,692,363.28 = 38.1%). Fiscal Officer Ron Campbell verified the numbers on the report. The report is here:
** Part of the $24,244,299.60 is an annual refinancing of short term debt instruments.


Union Township needs a trustee who is available on a full-time basis to meet with residents and business owners to work on resolving their concerns.


Union Township needs a trustee who is well connected in state government, can draw on 30 years of business experience, and has a Xavier University MBA with an emphasis in Taxation.