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August 2018



Officer-Involved Shootings
I've about had it with all of the finger pointing at law enforcement officers after shooting a punk in self-defense.
"He was only armed with a pellet gun." Do you expect a police officer to bet his life on that? Not me. I would have shot him too. Or maybe the punk wasn't armed but the officer mistakenly thought that he was. Well, that's unfortunate but should the cop be charged with a criminal offense when he acted in good faith?
"Justice! We want justice!" Based on the evidence of what I see on television, it often times appears to me that justice was delivered to the dead punk.
"Hey Becker, you wouldn't be saying that if it were your kid lying dead in a pool of blood." That might be true, but rather than blaming the cop, I'd be blaming myself and endlessly soul searching to figure out how I failed as a parent and why my kid grew up to be a punk.
Let's say I had an 11-year-old daughter who: 1) Was shoplifting; 2) Refused to stop when ordered by law enforcement; 3) Got tased as a result. My response would be to march the kid back into the store to pay for the pilfered items and apologize to the management. Next, the kid will apologize to the security guard for failing to comply and forcing him to use his taser. And then I'll deal with the kid after we get home.
"Look Becker, wouldn't it bother you that your 11-year-old daughter got tased? It certainly would. I'd be ashamed and embarrassed that she did something stupid enough to get herself tased.
Every time I hear shouts of, "Justice! We want justice!," I want to shout back, "Parenting! We want parenting!"
A few years ago, I questioned my children about what to do and how to respond to law enforcement during a traffic stop or any other engagement. They gave me all the right answers: Be respectful. Follow commands. "Yes sir." "No sir." "I'm sorry, sir." "It won't happen again, sir." A person might wind up ticketed, arrested, or incarcerated, but they aren't going to get shot or get a beating.
Okay Becker, are you saying that there aren't any corrupt cops? Every profession has its share of bad actors. Anyone with a gun and a badge who is corrupt and/or incompetent is especially concerning. Of course, there are bad cops, but they are few and far between. They are always human and sometimes make mistakes. We all do.
Let's review how to commit suicide by cop or get a few teeth knocked out:

·         Pull a gun on a cop. The gun doesn't have to be a firearm. Anything that looks like a firearm for a split second will likely get you killed. And rightly so. No cop can be expected to risk his life on the chance that the "gun" is a pellet gun rather than a firearm.

·         Resist arrest. That could get you tased, roughed up, or possibly killed. The way I see it, when you decide to resist arrest, you are complicit in acquiring your own injuries. Don't blame the cops for your behavior problem.

·         Kick the cop in the groin or spit in his face. That will get a few of your teeth knocked out.

Cops don't have quotas for how many arrests they make, people they shoot, or teeth they knock out. There can always be exceptions, but cops aren't out looking for a fight. Law enforcement is largely a dangerous and thankless job.
What I especially find distasteful is when municipalities pay off (out of court settlements) the families of thugs who resisted arrest. They make the payoff because juries tend to be very generous with other people's money. That problem is on us. The result is that law enforcement gets demoralized, thugs are encouraged to resist arrest, and the taxpayers get screwed.

Becker Bills in the Ohio House of Representatives

HB 53 - Public Sector Right to Work - This bill was assigned to the House Finance Committee and has had no hearings.

HB 233 - Decriminalization Effort for Ending Notorious Deaths (DEFEND). It decriminalizes so-called "gun free zones" for Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holders. This bill passed the House and is awaiting action in the Senate. It is in the Government Oversight and Reform Committee and has had no hearings.

HB 333 - Eliminates the Ohio Marriage Penalty. It is in the Ways and Means Committee. It has no opposition and is awaiting an up or down vote.

HB 421 - Replica Title Bill. It is in the Transportation Committee and has had one hearing.
HJR 8: Private-sector Right-to-Work – No worker should be required to subsidize a union as a condition of employment. Furthermore, this amendment will tell the world that Ohio is "open for business." This is in the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee and has had no hearings.
HJR 7: Public-sector Right-to-Work – This legislation is about freedom of association. Like for the private sector, no worker should be required to subsidize a union as a condition of employment. This is in the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee and has had no hearings.
HJR 9: Public-sector Prevailing Wage – Repeals the requirement for taxpayers to pay artificially inflated wages, rather than those that are market-based. This is in the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee and has had no hearings.
HJR 12: Public-sector Paycheck Protection – This amendment prohibits state and local government employers from withholding union dues or fees from workers' wages. Additionally, unions will be prohibited from spending workers' money on political activities without workers' consent. This is in the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee and has had no hearings.
HJR 10: Public-sector Project Labor Agreements – This legislation is the Michigan model approved by the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. State and local government entities will be prohibited from minimizing competition for construction projects by requiring that only union or non-union labor can be considered. A level playing field will be required. This is in the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee and has had no hearings.
HJR 11: Public-sector Union Recertification – Requires annual reconsideration and recertification of workers' bargaining units. This amendment will open up competition for new bargaining units, will give workers a chance to have their voices heard, and will make union leadership accountable to their membership. This is in the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee and has had no hearings.
HB 488 - Truth in advertising for property tax levies. It is in the Ways and Means Committee and has had one hearing.
HB 649 - Average Wage Fully Uniform Law (AWFUL) - Sets legislative salaries to Ohio's household median income. It is in the State and Local Government Committee and has had one hearing.
HB 703 - Decriminalization Effort for Ending Notorious Deaths - Teachers With Options (DEFEND-TWO) - Largely eliminates so-called "gun free zones." They are the most dangerous places in America. The bill is in the Federalism Committee and has had one hearing.
HB 708 - Double Dippers Inappropriately Privileged (DDIP) - Elected officials as well as state and local government employees will no longer be able to be working in the public sector and retired at the same time. Current retirees and survivor benefits are exempted.

Video Central

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Event Calendar
September 4, 2018
Union Township Republican Central Committee meeting at the Civic Center

September 5, 2018

Fundraiser for Tom Brinkman at the Nat'l Exemplar Restaurant, Tudor Rm: 6880 in Mariemont from 5PM to 6:30 PM.

September 7
"First Friday" Luncheon at McCormick & Schmick's.
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September 8
13th Annual Walk for Life at CRADLE Pregnancy Care Ctr: 1112 Gallia St, Portsmouth.

September 10
Fundraiser for John Becker at Kirby's Tavern: 378 Bridge St, Loveland (Branch Hill neighborhood, Miami Twp) from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

September 13 - 16
Festival: Old Timers Days Festival in Peebles

September 14 - 16
Street Fest: Loveland Strong

September 19, 2018
Clermont County Central Committee meeting at HQ in Batavia.

September 21, 2018 Teen Challenge Awareness Breakfast at the Kenwood Country Club: 6501 Kenwood Rd, Madeira

September 21, 2018
OH Valley Regional Development Commission Picnic at the John Rankin House: 6152 Rankin Hill Rd, Ripley.

September 22, 2018
River Valley Craft Beer Festival at The Party Connection: 2034 11th St, Portsmouth.

September 24 - 29
Brown County Fair

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"Rep. John Becker, suburban Cincinnati Republican… [holds] the unofficial title as the General Assembly's most conservative lawmaker," proclaimed the Columbus Dispatch (September 2015).
Becker wins prestigious William Wilberforce Leadership Award (April 2015).
"GOP Ohio House freshman Becker is no shrinking violet," headlined the Columbus Dispatch (December 2014).
" arguably the most conservative member of the Ohio House," said The Cincinnati Enquirer (January 2014).
Ranked as a top tier "most archconservative" by the Columbus Dispatch (September 2013).

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